audreythumbcreditAudrey Hepburn – first trip to New York 1954
Photographer: Bob Willoughby
Reproduced by kind permission of the Estate of Bob Willoughby

One of my favourite Audrey photographs!


littleladthumbcreditBoy looking through fence 1954
Photographer: John Gay

Courtesy of Mary Evans Picture Library

I love this image – the hat, the shoes, the fence… I was really pleased to see it included in the Mary Evans Picture Library 2010 Calendar.


Photographer: Anthony Brown

Is there anything prettier than a gone-to-seed weed?



corbythumbcreditNASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander
Courtesy of NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab

An illustration of Phoenix as it begins to shut down operations as the Martian winter sets in. The lander was never expected to withstand the extreme cold and attempts to communicate ceased in May 2010 following severe ice damage to the solar panels.


spiralthumbcreditDusty Potato Crisp
Courtesy of ESO/VLT. Colour processing by Henri Boffin.

The beautiful edge-on spiral galaxy NGC 3190, renamed by ESO because its resemblance to a gigantic potato crisp, as seen by ESO’s Very Large Telescope.


hubblethumbcreditPlanetary Nebula NGC 2818 photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope
Courtesy of Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), NASA & ESA.
This beautiful image of a planetary nebula in the constellation Pyxis was taken in 2008. Its gaseous shroud was expelled by the central star after it ran out of fuel to sustain the nuclear reactions in its core.


Photographer: Heiko Grossmann

I’m a sucker for fossils!



Fly Photographer: Bryan FaustFly
Photographer: Bryan Faust

Great macro shot of a house fly – who’d’ve believed they could be so… beautiful!



Frost Photographer Claus ElstedWinter
Photographer: Claus Elsted

I love this frosty photo!



grass1Miscanthus Sinensis
Photographer: Zoran Ivanovich

I tried to take some photos of grass flowers while I was on holiday – trying to capture the subtle shades of cream and green and mauve…. But mine turned out useless, unlike this beautifully delicate shot by Zoran Ivanovich.